Getting rid of the undercoat

After the cold winter, most dogs have developed a heavy undercoat. The undercoat is important and protects your dog from the cold and wet, but with the warmer temperatures, the dog's body sheds the undercoat.

A dead undercoat should be removed:

  • dead hair felts
  • old undercoat is shed and then lies in every corner of your house
  • dead undercoat can smell strongly
  • old and dead coat is an excellent place for parasites to thrive

You can get rid of the undercoat easily

Using a matbreaker, speed stripper or a shedding rake, you can simply brush the undercoat out.

The Matbreaker has small blades for loosening matted undercoat from the fur, without having to pluck the dog. For more matted and very thick fur, we recommend the Matbreaker with 5 blades. If your dog has little undercoat and loose, thin fur, we recommend the Matbreaker with 9 blades. A speed stripper and an undercoat rake remove the undercoat without cutting.

The best way to proceed:

  1. Treat the entire body with the Matbreaker, Speedstripper or undercoat rake.
  2. Then brush the whole dog with a good coat brush. This can also be done after a long bath, a suitable dog shampoo and/or conditioner are very useful.
  3. In the end, the comb will show you if you really got all the undercoat. If you can run the comb smoothly through the coat - you got it all!

Tip 1: Use a coat spray when matbreaking or wet the coat with a spray and water, this helps to dissolve, and the wool does not fly around everywhere.

Tip 2: If you move your grooming session outside, you won't have the wool hanging in the carpet! Some people are bothered by piles of fur lying around, though, so maybe take a bag with you and dispose of the wool in the trash.

Tip 3: For even more success: use dog shampoo and/or conditioner from Miau & Woof.

Get rid of the under coat