Dog grooming training

Dog grooming training



The personal dog grooming training, individual, only for you and your dog!




New from Oktober 1th, 2022

Individual dog grooming course for your protégé, under the guidance of a certified dog groomer

Regular dog grooming is essential for the health and vitality of your dog. With the support of our certified dog groomer, you’ll learn how to groom your dog, what to look out for and what tools you need. You’ll get tips and tricks from the world of grooming, so you can easily groom your dog yourself at home.

This basic groomer course is not a professional groomer training 

The aim of this course is for you to know how to take care of your dog’s fur – how to shear it, how to trim the contours and how to brush the coat properly. Together, we’ll prepare you and your dog for grooming at home.
In individual lessons, we show you how to professionally take care of your dog and which tools suit best to you and your four-legged friend. 
During two to max. four hours, we not only address the needs of your dog, but we also answer all of your questions and practice the moves, so you become confident in grooming your dog. 
We want to tailor this grooming course to you and your dog. That’s why, there won’t be any other participants of the course, it’s just you and your dog.

Course content
  • What does it take to make the dog feel safe and cooperate?
  • What kind of grooming does your dog need?
  • What kind of equipment is necessary? 
  • The appropriate dog care on the example of your dog 
Combing out / brushing
We show you the different tools to brush your dog properly and easily, and how to handle them.
Get in shape 
Learn how to get your dog in shape following just a few simple steps.
Claw trimming / paw care
We explain the right technique, what is important when shortening the claws and what a good paw care includes. 
Ear and eye care
We show you a normal external ear care (no plucking techniques) and how to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and tear-free.
You’ll learn sportive and natural hairstyles, simple techniques for you to groom your dog yourself. 
We shear sections with you, show you the technique and look at the "tricky" spots. Due to time constraints, you may have to finish the dog yourself at home.  
What won’t be shown?
  • No elaborate show/exhibition hairstyles. 
  • Ear plucking should be done by a professional; therefore we will not show you this technique. 
  • Teeth cleaning and draining anal glands should be done by a professional
  • Trimming is not possible due to time constraints (needs practice and sensitivity).

What should be considered?

  • Your dog should be bathed one day before shearing, otherwise your valuable scissors or clipper heads will become dull. Please let us know when registering to our course if you do not have the possibility to bathe your dog.
  • Your dog must have had the opportunity to empty his bladder and bowels before the course.
  • We would like to get to the point of the course as quickly as possible, so it would be good if you practiced standing on the table with your dog.
  • To keep the duration of the course within reasonable bounds, we won’t be able to accept "biters".

What should you take with you?

A lot of patience, joy and of course your four-legged friend. Your positivity will be transferred to your dog :0

Take – if available – your grooming tools, such as brushes, combs, and clippers with you. This way, we can – if possible – show you how to groom your dog with your equipment.
If you don’t have any products yet, we will use our products at the course. The most important grooming tools can also be purchased from us on the day of the course or ordered in advance from our online shop (


Course costs / duration

Depending on the type of breed, the course takes between two and four hours. The hourly rate is CHF 100 (payment options: TWINT or cash). The approximate duration of the course (depending on your needs) will be discussed with you at the time of registration and/or on site.
If there are difficulties with the implementation of the exercises after the course, it is useful to arrange additional lessons again to practice what has been learned.


Course location

Weberweg 5, 8620 Wetzikon (Zürich)



We can offer this course in Swiss German, German, and English. 

You can use our registration form (registration form) or send us an email with your details (see registration form). You can also call if you like: Michelle Lebert 079 577 06 53 (please leave a message for a call back).

As soon as we have received your registration. You will find the submission address or email on the form.

Michelle Lebert, our dog groomer, will get in touch with you. 


About the instructor

Veterinary practice assistant (TPA)
Certified dog groomer 
Swiss Certified animal keeper (Eidg. Dipl. Tierpflegerin) 

Animals, especially dogs, have always accompanied me in my life, and today they are considered full members of our family. You don't need a dog or dogs to live, but they enrich our lives immensely and make us happy :o).
As a trained veterinary (second profession) practice assistant, I gained my first experiences in the veterinary clinic Rossweid in Gockhausen. As a hobby, I continued with my first profession as a dog groomer. I still lacked the know-how to become self-employed. So, I decided to finish the business school and dared to take the step. For 15 years, I was a “driving dog salon” and drove to people’s home in the region of Pfannenstil and Zurich’s Gold Coast.

I would like to pass on these experiences with this offer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


We are looking forward to meeting you and your dog!