Clothes for winter?

Clothes for winter?



Dog clothes for winter?

Many dog owners ask themselves whether their dog needs clothing for winter.



Does my dog need winter clothing?

Here, the opinions vary widely. Some dog owners think that their dogs are naturally robust enough to withstand the cold. Others have experienced that their dog feels more comfortable if it does not get a wet coat and stays warm. Others simply think that you don't need to and should not put clothes on dogs...

I think it's unnecessary to style dogs with clothes, except maybe for an occasion like carnival or Halloween ;-). But to protect your dog from the wet and cold is a good idea. Our dogs are just a few hours a day outside, the rest of the day they spend in the heated apartment. So, they are not used to the cold weather anymore, the fur is not very well-prepared for winter. In addition, there are also health reasons for dog winter clothing...

  • Dogs with thick, heavy fur resist the cold. But some don't like it when the fur becomes wet and heavy. In this situation, a dog coat will certainly help.
  • Dogs with light or little fur and/or little undercoat tend to freeze quickly, why not try a sweater?
  • Small dogs are close to the ground and therefore freeze very quickly, a dog winter jacket will definitely help.
  • Old dogs move slowly and thus get cold and wet quickly. Old bones hurt when cold, a warm coat will give relief here.


Dogs that have enough fur and undercoat, and play in the snow like crazy, are healthy and happy. In my opinion, they don't need to wear clothes as they are protected enough.

But if you as a dog owner think that your dog is cold, then you should try a coat and see if your dog feels comfortable!

Please let us know what you think about dog clothing...