Maintenance and repair Aesculap clippers

Maintenance and repair Aesculap clippers


-> Maintenance for your Aesculap clipper for CHF 130.-

To ensure propper running your Aesculap clipper needs a maintenance approx. every 2 years.



Examples why you should give your machine for a maintenance:

  • worn machine parts decreases the performance
  • old brittle rubber parts break and will damage your machine
  • Old fat and dryed out oilpads will not grease enough, your machine runs hot
  • Dirt and hair can damage your machine
  • The coal has to be replaced regularly

We check the following Aesculap clippers:

  • Favorita II (GT104)            Fav 5 (GT105)             Fav CL (GT206)
  • Fav5 CL (GT306)            Fav5 Hybrid (GT308)

Within a week we will bring your clipper back in shape!

-> List of in maintenance included spare parts - Ultrasound-cleaning included

-> Repair order of your Aesculap clipper

If your Aesculap clipper doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all, we will check your clipper and get it running again!

Please fill out our Service-/Reparatur-Auftrag and send it with your machine (include loading station etc)  to:

Groomers Mall
B. Gherardi
Höhenstr. 42
8127 Forch