Stripping Knife Ultra Pro extra fine, left-handed

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The stripping knife fine (left-handed) is especially suitable for fine fur (e.g. head, ears, neck and tail).

Ergonomically shaped handle for comfortable and gentle work

Examples for the application with the breeds:

- Cocker Spaniel
- Dwarf Schnauzer
- Fox Terrier
- Gorden Setter, Irish Setter, English Setter
- Jack Russell Terrier Roughcoat


Product Note Status Price
Stripping Knife Ultra Pro fine Stripping Knife Ultra Pro fine
CHF 25.90 *
Stripping Knife 3200 XFine Stripping Knife 3200 XFine
CHF 19.90 *
Stripping Knife Ultra Pro coarse Stripping Knife Ultra Pro coarse
CHF 25.90 *
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