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Clipper blade sharpening service

Watch this video before sending us your blades.

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Clipper blade sharpening

We are specialised in sharpening small animal clipper blades. Our sharpening service sharpens all small animal blades of the following manufacturers:

  • ANDIS - Aesculap - WAHL - Heiniger - Moser - Oster - etc.

How much time do we need to sharpen your blades?

Generally, your blades are sharpened within 2-3 days.

Which blades do we sharpen?

Outlines of dog and cat with a green hook, below are the outlines of a horse, cow and sheep, next to them is a red cross: we do not grind these clipper heads.
  • all steel blades of small animal clippers from all manufacturers
  • all clipper blades which have enough material to grind off
  • all clipper blades which are not damaged
  • no 5 in one, no 3 in one

​Do not hesitate to contact us if your not sure that we'll take your blades.

Deliveries from abroad:

As the shipping fee is very high, please do not send us clipper blades from abroad for sharpening.

What's included in our service?

  • professional sharpening of the steel blades
  • ceramic blades: check and replacement if necessary
  • blade cleaning
  • assembling the blades with the ideal blade tension
  • oiling the blades
  • sharpening check of every blade
  • free disposal of blades which cannot be sharpened (besides you wish to get them back)

What's the pricing?

Price per blade:

  • 1-4 pcs. CHF 17.00
  • 5-9 pcs. 15.00
  • from 10 pcs. 13.00

Shipping fee (CH): Priority CHF 9.00

Payment option: bill, payable within 30 days

How do you proceed?

1. Pack your blades, wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them and not to get damaged on their way.

2. Fill out our form Sharpening Service and pack it with your blades. Hand notice works as well: Name, Address, Phone number, number of blades, disposal yes/no, do you wish priority return.

3. Send your package (inclusive form or hand notice) to the following address:

Groomers Mall GmbH

Lohwisstr. 36

8123 Ebmatingen

Blade sharpening

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CHF 18.00

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