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  • Free Shipping from CHF 200 - (payment and shipping)
On the picture are solid dog shampoos from Loulou in round shape, in the fragrances light mint, lavender, no-scent, citrus

Finally, there is a shampoo bar for our four-legged friends! Suitable for all fur types and breeds (also for cats, rabbits etc.)!

Advantages of shampoo bars:

  • no more plastic waste - Packaging made of 51% sugar cane - extremely environmentally friendly
  • only natural ingredients
  • vegan
  • no alcohol, preservatives or plasticizers, no SLS, SLES added
  • The shampoo stays on the coat instead of the skin -> less skin irritation and no drying the skin out.
  • practical and easy to use
  • easier to rinse out than liquid shampoos

Loulou Shampo Bars